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Internet permission on Android: what you need to know

However, having Internet permission also poses a threat to the privacy and security of user data. That's why we need to learn more about it.

Autofill of Zero and Bitwarden: Superhero v.s. Blind Bird

"Are you talking about Bitwarden? Compared to Zero, you're just a novice!" --by ChatGPT

Are open-source password managers more secure? (2) - How do password managers protect our passwords?

It is like putting our passwords in a strongbox(encrypted database) and the master password is the key to the strongbox.

Are open-source password managers more secure? (1)

Open source helps lower down software development costs dramatically and improve transparency. It is critical to the software ecosystem. However, if users blindly believe in open source = security, the open-source marketing, without understanding the PROs and CONs, it is only a false sense of security.

Encryption defect in Apple's iPhone iCloud keychain

iCloud Keychain escrows users' keychain data with Apple without allowing Apple to read the passwords and other data it contains **easily**.

Who's the winner of the logo contest?

Thank you for participating in our logo design contest. We received a total of 61 submissions, some of which looked great.

Sadly, we can't check the app permissions on Google Play anymore

It's good to add "Data safety" as a complement but not a substitute! Removing the permissions list would be a regression but not an upgrade!

Design an app logo, minimum $500 reward!

To better show the 0 password and other various strong features, we now decided to rebrand our app. New name, Zero password manager. New logo? Waiting for you!

If you have any great ideas, time to show them up! At least $ 500 is waiting for you!

GitHub requires 2FA; here is an easy way to keep OTP

As GitHub's chief security officer Mike Hanley said, the software supply chain starts with the developer, and protecting developer accounts helps secure the supply chain.

Why does ID Guard Offline not download logos from the Internet?

If the logos you download contains malicious code, hackers may use Pegasus (spyware) technology to steal your passwords.

Here it is! The most fantastic password generator!

When registering for Harvard University, Andy was asked to set a password with specific symbols, numbers, and letters.

How to stop auto-popping up QR code on the extension

Feel so disturbed by the auto-popup QR code?

You can cancel it with just a few steps.

MYKI is closing; Here is the best replacement

ID Guard Offline does NOT depend on the cloud with excellent security design. It is super easy to import, and we have strong support with in-depth engineering work.

Stand against war, Stand with Ukrainians

ID Guard Offline PRO yearly subscription drops to the lowest price. And our team has donated $5000 to ICRC to help Ukrainians. Hope the Ukrainian people go back to peaceful life soon.

Firefox Lockwise Password Manager is shutting; how to deal with the passwords?

Other independent password managers may be more secure and feature-rich than the Firefox browser password manager. Here are a few tips for choosing alternatives to Firefox Lockwise users.

How to verify that ID Guard Offline does not steal data in iOS?

Well, every company says that they try their best to protect user data. You don't believe them, do you?

ID Guard Offline is different. Our data protection technologies are verifiable. We tell users how we protect the data and how users can verify it.

Should I remove Microsoft account password?

  • Turn on two-step verification.
  • Keep your backup email secure.
  • Save the recovery code well.
  • Remove your password!

How to use ID Guard Offline extension?

Instant use. No need to signin. Scan-to-fill is much safer.

Trackers in password managers can threaten your passwords

Third-party trackers integrated into password managers can access master password, vault, and decrypted password. The Internet access permission required by trackers makes the attack surface even larger. Security vulnerabilities, bad guys in the company, or hackers can steal passwords.

How to import passwords into ID Guard Offline?

... edit them in Chrome CSV format, and then send them to ID Guard Offline.

How to verify extension design?

... what about password managers storing all our passwords? ID Guard Offline extension claims that it uses end-to-end encryption and can prevent employees, not to mention hackers, to access our passwords. Is that true?

Login page may disclose password? Use this extension to switch secure login

With only one click, you can switch from HTTP to HTTPS for secure login.

End-to-end encryption is more secure than HTTPS

Passwords sent to ID Guard Offline extension from mobile app are encrypted with E2EE technology. That means hackers, or even our own employees, cannot decipher the passwords.

Extension Security Design

We all know that encrypted ≠ secured. Military encryption is more of a advertising slogan to fool laymen layperson. It is the security design that keeps passwords safe.

How do I know the app does not upload my passwords to the cloud secretly?

So what is true offline? True offline is not "can be used offline". When we say true offline, we mean it NEVER connects to the Internet.

Stop using browser extension password managers. Use password manager extension instead.

Our ID Guard Offline designers are always taking security very seriously. We do not adopt common accepted but not good enough designs blindly.

0 Password, make password managers great again -- never losing your password manager password

Our team of course do not compromise on security. The master password can never be reset. Then, is it possible to get the master password back when our user cannot recall it?

Impact of iOS Vulnerabilities Disclosed by Google Recently

Yesterday, I saw lots of reports on "Google finds vulnerabilities affecting all iPhones...". Some users may worry about the impact on ID Guard Offline. *"Can those vulnerabilities be used to steal passwords stored in our app?"* So we did this quick analysis.

Improve Security of Your Nintendo Account with ID Guard Offline

Here comes the customized account template for Nintendo account, presented with love from ID Guard Offline in this unnerving time.

Advanced Phishing Detection

  • identify FAKE apps.
  • identify insecure websites served via HTTP.
  • reveal hidden password field filling request.

The Evolution of Password Manager

Generation Unlock factors
  • access vault
  • access vault
  • obtain master password
  • access vault
  • obtain master password
  • obtain secret key
  • access vault
  • obtain master password
  • control smartphone
  • compromise the security chip