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Extension Security Design

We all know that encrypted ≠ secured. Military encryption is more of a advertising slogan to fool laymen layperson. It is the security design that keeps passwords safe.

How do I know the app does not upload my passwords to the cloud secretly?

So what is true offline? True offline is not "can be used offline". When we say true offline, we mean it NEVER connects to the Internet.

Stop using browser extension password managers. Use password manager extension instead.

Our ID Guard Offline designers are always taking security very seriously. We do not adopt common accepted but not good enough designs blindly.

0 Password, make password managers great again -- never losing your password manager password

Our team of course do not compromise on security. The master password can never be reset. Then, is it possible to get the master password back when our user cannot recall it?

Impact of iOS Vulnerabilities Disclosed by Google Recently

Yesterday, I saw lots of reports on "Google finds vulnerabilities affecting all iPhones...". Some users may worry about the impact on ID Guard Offline. *"Can those vulnerabilities be used to steal passwords stored in our app?"* So we did this quick analysis.

Improve Security of Your Nintendo Account with ID Guard Offline

Here comes the customized account template for Nintendo account, presented with love from ID Guard Offline in this unnerving time.

Advanced Phishing Detection

  • identify FAKE apps.
  • identify insecure websites served via HTTP.
  • reveal hidden password field filling request.

The Evolution of Password Manager

Generation Unlock factors
  • access vault
  • access vault
  • obtain master password
  • access vault
  • obtain master password
  • obtain secret key
  • access vault
  • obtain master password
  • control smartphone
  • compromise the security chip