Autofill of Zero and Bitwarden: Superhero v.s. Blind Bird

Comparison summary by ChatGPT

Zero vs. Bitwarden Password Manager Autofill Facebook official app Autofill malicious app
Zero Successfully autofills username and password Warns user that it cannot verify if the app is official and notes that the account does not match, app may be conducting phishing attacks to steal account passwords
Bitwarden Only autofills password, cannot autofill username Asks if user wants to fill or view

Both Zero and Bitwarden password managers can autofill passwords, but when users want to autofill the Facebook official app, Zero has the upper hand. It can smoothly autofill both the username and password, while Bitwarden can only autofill the password and not the username, which is like a blind bird with one eye closed, "Compared to Zero, I am just a blind bird in retrograde!"

However, when users want to autofill a malicious app, Zero is like a knowledgeable superhero, it will warn users that it cannot verify if the app is official and Bitwarden only asks whether to fill or view, "Are you talking about Bitwarden? Compared to Zero, you're just a novice!"


Although the summary is not very complete, it's quite funny 😂

Feature Bitwarden Zero
Warning Notifies that the account is not a complete match No warning
Autofill effect Only autofills password Correctly autofills both username and password

Zero can detect whether the app is official and the entire operation is smooth (since it's an official app, no warning is needed).

Feature Bitwarden Zero
Official app verification No verification Warns that the app cannot be verified
Warning Asks if the user wants to fill or view Account doesn't match, app may conduct phishing attacks

Bitwarden cannot raise user awareness when filling in passwords, even if it's a malicious app, it will directly fill in the account password for the user.