Stop using browser extension password managers. Use password manager extension instead.

ID Guard Offline extension

ID Guard Offline extension supports Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge now. Please search in extension store and install it.

Like ID Guard Offline mobile app, no registration, no login, just grab it and use it.

Remember to PIN it on extension bar. You can click the icon to show scan box later.

The extension is very intuitive. It will show a scan box automatically when you surf on a web page with login form.

Open ID Guard Offline on your smartphone, and auto fill the login form with only 2 taps.

  1. Scan

  1. Choose

Then, the username and password are autofilled in the login form on desktop side.

Why not an extension password manager?

Lots of password managers offer browser extension versions. They are built on top of browser extension API and giving full access to password management features. We call them extension password managers.

They are powerful and convenient. Why not use them?

Because they are not safe enough.

Aside from those cloud concerns, there are still serious security problems with extension password managers. Extension password managers are based on Web technology, which is very open and flexible. Programs can access almost all data in a page via DOM/JS. Sean Cassidy, a well-known security researcher, believed that it is very difficult to eliminate risks of extension password managers.

Browser Extension Password Managers Should Not Be Used

What‘s more, browsers are the most targeted platform for hackers, besides operating systems.

Browser vulnerabilities

CVE Details

Our ID Guard Offline designers are always taking security very seriously. We do not adopt common accepted but not good enough designs blindly. And we made a real extension without password management. Passwords are stored and protected by security chip on your phone which is the same chip for bank card emulation on smartphones. Only the selected password is encrypted, sent to the extension, and filled into the login form.


An encryption key is generated after scanning the QR code, which is only shared between ID Guard Offline app on your phone and the extension in your browser, then used to protect your password in the transmission from your phone to your browser. By scanning the QR code, we implement key agreement protocol, like HTTPS/TLS but safer, and accomplish end-to-end encryption.

The ID Guard Offline extension does not store any password in the browser, so no hacker can crack all your passwords when stealing your browser data store. Think about this. If the browser has serious zero-day vulnerabilities:

Other advantages

Besides the best security design, ID Guard Offline extension has other advantages:

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