Here it is! The most fantastic password generator!

When registering for Harvard University, Andy was asked to set a password with specific symbols, numbers, and letters.


"A piece of cake!" Andy said.

He used his password manager to generate a password.

But what happened next almost drove him crazy!

1st password he got: np7Wgn2fi"

2nd password he got: v'odqKd26k

3rd password he got: <9j2vxySry



There were always some symbols not allowed in the password! 😤

He had to try again and again until getting the password he wanted!

Similar situations also happen in our daily life.

To avoid this annoying situation, what we need is ID Guard Offline!

Choose your symbols/emojis.

Unlike other password managers, ID Guard Offline not only allows users to choose to use the symbols/emojis or not.

But it also enables users to select their specific symbols or emojis!

No need to try again and again for particular passwords anymore!

Just 1 time, and you can get your ideal password!


All or this one?

A few months later, Andy was worried again! He needed to change his password and set the special rules again.

When editing that account, Andy was so surprised that ID Guard Offline had already saved the special rules! Because he has chosen the option "this one"! Amazing, right? 🥳

Comprehensive but limited choices

Besides these features, ID Guard offline provides Andy with many options. It covers nearly all the password requirements of accounts on various websites!

✅ Symbols

✅ Letters (uppercase/lowercase letters)

✅ Numbers

✅ Emojis

✅ Pattern aa

✅ Length of the password

But, seeing so many options, Andy felt 🤯

Don't worry!

Here comes ID Guard Offline!

It considered all these options and improved them.

With so many unique features, what are you still waiting for?

Just click the link below and experience the amazing password generator with Andy!

PS: ❤️ Great thanks to Ron DeBerry for giving us great advice on the password generator.