ID Guard Offline

The Safest Password Manager

A True Offline password vault. No Internet, No sign-up, No personal information. Secure your passwords & Protect your privacy.

We employ new theories, technologies and design to conquer emerging new threats. Not just update UI for a decade-old security technology like others.


Security Chip Protects Data

Passwords are protected by security chip, the same chip used by smartphone wallet to secure payment cards.

NFC Card in Android Pay

iOS Apple Pay components

Password Manager Evolution

Gen Unlock factors
  • access vault
  • access vault
  • obtain master password
  • access vault
  • obtain master password
  • obtain secret key
  • access vault
  • obtain master password
  • control smartphone
  • compromise the security chip

Improve Security Level Constantly

We are committed to researching and developing new security technologies constantly.


ID Guard Offline

Trust No One

You do not have to trust us to use our products though we are totally trustworthy.

We trustworthy guys develop verifiable technologies, and you can verify them by yourself.

Security Chip Protection

True Offline

Use Autofill Safely

Easy to Use

Add Account with 1 Tap.

Minimalist, efficient, and fast.

Comparison in Adding Account

Items Other ID Guard Offline
Time(s) 17 12
Inputs 9 5
Interface Changes 6 2

Which is the most easy-to-use password manager?

What do our users say?

Templates, otp authenticator, autofill, custom logos, custom tags, etc. are all great features I want. More importantly, it doesn't have Internet permission.

JKWaston,2020-5-2,App Store

I like it because it is very simple. I just want to safely store all my passwords. Give you 5 stars lol.

Emalynn Smith,2019-11-13,App Store

I have been using this app for nearly 3 months, and it has helped me solve the trouble of managing my passwords. Autofill and otp authenticator are great.

Jacksmark Alex,2019-11-8,Google Play

Very easy and professional and they taught me how to secure my internet and accounts. Because the internet is not safe. Even for the most simple people. Watch out for lookalikes. What I mean is that it may look like Google but it's the criminals Google. One way you can tell is it's not as dark print or clear and they look close but not exact. Be safe wear your mask. Protect others if not yourself

Lurina Cobb, 2020-6-13,Google Play


ID Guard Offline does not access the Internet at all. We do not collect any data from users.






ID Guard Offline is now available on iOS and Android.


We provide a free trial version of ID Guard Offline.

We hope you find it worthwhile and upgrade to PRO soon!

Features Free PRO
Accounts Number 20
Account Templates 17
Custom Tags
Custom Logo
Custom Fields
(note, attachment, etc.)
Secure Desktop Filling
Biometric Authentication
Find Back Master Password
Autofill Login
OTP Authenticator
Payment Card Template
Password Generator
Password Meter
Import Passwords
(Chrome CSV format)
Backup and Restore
Find Back Backup Password


Note: Your PRO cannot be shared between App Store and Google Play. It needs to be purchased separately. But data backups are compatible and can be restored on both operating systems.

We do not collect any personal information of users and cannot identify the same user who purchased the app in different app stores.


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