Sadly, we can't check the app permissions on Google Play anymore

Yep, Google removed the permissions list from Play Store, and we can no longer check the app permissions on it.

About half a month ago, some users discussed it on Hackernews and Reddit.

From the posts, we knew that Google Play deleted the permissions list for a while, then reverted it, and later deleted it once again.


Until now, the feature has not shown up. Instead, Google implemented "Data safety" as a replacement.

In the past, we could tap "App permissions" at the bottom of the main page to view all the permissions required by an app.


But now, the "App permissions" button doesn't exist. We can only tap "Data safety" to see what information an app might collect and use. The information is provided by the developers.


Shouldn't remove the permissions list

It's good to add "Data safety" as a complement but not a substitute! Removing the permissions list would be a regression but not an upgrade!

The permissions list is objective and can't be faked. The "data security", on the other hand, totally depends on developers' declarations, and Google doesn't know if the developers are honest.

Users need to check app permissions before downloading, which helps them compare apps and make an informed choice. See what some of them said on Hackernews. 👇




Developers like us who care about user data security are willing to show app permissions.

Previously, on Google Play, users can check that our app ID Guard Offline requires just a few permissions and no Internet access. So they could install and use it without worrying about their data being secretly uploaded to cloud servers.

Android system allows apps to connect to the network only with Internet permission.


To fight for this great feature, our team has tried to contact Google Play 4 times, but we haven't received any response yet.

If you're a Google Play user, please stand with us, send emails to Google Play, submit feedback on the community, and do something else to help save the permissions list from death!

Come on, take action! Let Google see what we want!


How to check app permissions now

The good news is that you can still check an app's permissions in your phone's system settings after installing it.

We used a Samsung phone to show you how.

No "have full network access" means no access to the Internet.