Design Principles

Minimal Attack Surface

Minimizing attack surface is one of the most important measures for software security.

With the minimal attack surface in mind design, many severe vulnerabilities on the system cannot affect ID Guard Offline at all. Check this out, Impact of iOS Vulnerabilities Disclosed by Google Recently

Verifiable Technologies

Apps may not work exactly as their developers claim, even for well-known big companies.

You don't have to trust anyone because you can verify our technologies by yourself.


6 Security Advantages

Security Chip Protection

ID Guard Offline protects stored passwords with security chip, the same chip used by smartphone wallet to protect payment cards.

True Offline

Your passwords are only stored on your phone and completely under your control.

True offline is not "can be used offline". It means NEVER connect to the Internet. Check this out, How do I know the app does not upload my passwords to the cloud secretly?

Secure Desktop Filling

You may (not) know, LastPass Bugs Allow Malicious Websites to Steal Passwords .

Meet our outstanding secure remote fill:

  • stores passwords offline on smartphone.
  • transports passwords with E2EE .
  • detects phishing on filling.

Check this out, Extension Security Design .

0 Password

  1 Password  

CNET article, Password managers are great -- until you lose your password manager password

With security chip protection, your passwords are still encrypted without a master password.

If you do use a master password, ask your friend to find it back! Check out 0 Password, make password managers great again

Security Templates

Hundreds of templates for you: Apple, Amazon, Google, Payment Card...

Manage all security information for your numerous high-value accounts.

Safer Autofill

Autofill is convenient, but this attack surface is vulnerable .

Advanced Phishing Detection is the most powerful safeguard.

  • No match fake domains like
  • Prevents theft when filling in fake apps.
  • Warn when submitting password over insecure HTTP.

Check this out, Advanced Phishing Detection .

Yet More

military encryption

Military-Grade Encryption

ID Guard Offline also adopts "Military-Grade Encryption" (AES-256). However, "Military-Grade Encryption" is more of a marketing phrase, and incorrect security designs can make encryption useless.

Here are four generations of correct security designs of common password managers .

biometric authentication

Biometric Authentication

Biometric Authentication is awesome. With security chip protection, ID Guard Offline allows you to use biometric authentication without a master password, and your passwords are still encrypted. Of course, you can set a master password if you like.

auto lock


To prevent someone from peeking at your passwords when you walk away temporarily, ID Guard Offline auto-locks if no interaction within 30 seconds.