What is wrong with the CSV files from Myki?

After importing data from Myki into other Password Managers, have you found that it is difficult to find your information? Even some of them are lost!

After studying many files exported data from Myki, our team has concluded the following possible situations.

  • Pictures

    (All the pictures stored in Myki are not be exported )

  • Some special characters

    (Myki does not strictly follow the CSV format rules when exporting some special characters. As a result, the special characters like, ' " \n in the imported files might be changed into other codes mistakenly or lost, even leading to the failure of the importation)

  • Tags

(Tags in the ios version have been lost in the exported file because the data exported from Myki is not completed enough. )

  • Titles

    (Myki does not provide enough data of titles in "Add Custom Field" in exported files)

  • Mistakes in CSV from Myki

    Nickname,Id Tyoe,Id Number,Id Name,Id Issuance Date,Id Expiration Date,Id Country,Additional Info,Status

    "Id Tyoe" ==> "Id Type"