Findings on importing MYKI CSV files

Thank you so much for choosing our product! What a wise choice!

ID Guard Offline can import nearly all the data exported from of Myki successfully!

  • Data in CSV files provided by Myki (eg., passwords or 2FAs)

    • Without a doubt, ID Guard Offline provides various categories to ensure all these data can also be reappeared perfectly and to provide better user experiments, the layout of these data would be improved so it will be less time-consuming and easier for you to find information you need.
  • Some data that Myki does not provide CSV files to being imported directly (such as the categories added by users or some non-password data )

    • ID Guard Offline adds three new special categories ("Contact", "ID Card", and "Secure Note" ) to avoid the risks of losing data.

However, some data has been lost when exporting from Myki and thus it is impossible to import them into ID Guard Offline.

  • Pictures

    (All the pictures stalled in Myki can not be exported, not to mention import. )

  • Some special characters

    (Myki does not strictly follow the CSV format rules when exporting some special characters. As a result, the special characters like, ' " \n in the imported files might be changed into other codes mistakenly or lost, even leading to the failure of the importation)

  • Tags

    (Tags in ios version have been lost in the exported file, because the data exported from Myki is not completed enough. To save users' time and energy in labeling accounts, ID Guard Offline (Pro version) tags wisely all the imported accounts immediately.

  • Custom field titles

    (Myki does not provide enough data of titles in "Add Custom Field" in exported files, all the details will be stored in "Note" for saving all your information. )

Thanks again for choosing our product. If you need more details or have any questions about importing data, you can visit our website or contact us directly.

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